2018 F-One Hybrid Kitefoil Kit

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The F-One Foil system is truly an amazing system. Mix and match as much as you want to create the perfect foil setup for your area. Want to do more than kite with your foil? The F-One foil system can also be put onto a surf board, SUP, or windsurf board for the ultimate in versatility.

These foilboarding kits come with:

  • Your selection of Mast Length - KF Box**
  • Your Selection of Front Wing Size
  • Freeride Stab
  • 42cm Fuselage


**F-One uses two different types of connection systems to connect their masts to boards. The system for kiteboards is called KF and both the mast and the board need to use the KF system. SUPs, surfboards and windsurfing boards will use the DKF which is a deeper box that is required to handle the load on those boards. The mast has to match the board that you are using but all other fuselage, stabs, and front wings are interchangeable. 

Board Weight**

**boards weighed with deck, fins, and handle only