2017 RRD H Flight Hydrofoil

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 RRD H Flight Foil Kit

The H Flight foil from RRD is a great way to get into foiling without sacrificing performance later on. This stable and predictable foil is much easier to ride than the most carbon foils while still delivering performance that you won't soon outgrow. Pair it with the Dolphin1 Foil board from RRD and get out on the water in the lightest conditions today!


  • Comes standard with the 90cm mast
  • Optional ‘RRD Aviation Academy’ package: 40 and/or 65 cm mast
  • Lightweight, strong and durable Aluminium mast and plate
  • Pre-preg Hybrid Carbon wings and fuselage
  • 4 hole adjustable mast plate
  • Comes standard with bag, nuts, manual and basic tool


    RRD H-Flight Hydrofoil & Dolphin1 Kite Foil Board from RRD International on Vimeo.

    Board Weight**

    **boards weighed with deck, fins, and handle only