2017 Mystic Drip Men's Kiteboarding Harness

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 The 2017 Mystic Drip is for the minimalist kiteboarder. It provides comfort, support, and flexibility without all the bells and whistles.   This harness features Mystic's Clickbar 3.0; making it a safer and easier to use spreader bar attachment.  The Drip has Mystic's soft neoprene which is flexible and prevents a rash when riding with no rash guard.  This harness has 3D contoured interior and an anatomical back plate for the most comfortable and flexible ride.  The 2017 Mystic Drip is great for riders looking for a simple harness that provides optimal support and comfort.  


Soft Neoprene Edges:

This soft neoprene prevents rash and creates a closer more comfortable fit.

Mystic Drip Soft Neoprene

HP System Included:

A simplified version from past years, the HP System no longer has D-Rings. Simply pull the loop over the buckle for ease of use. 

Mystic Drip HP System

Spreader Down System: 

This system prevents the spreader bar from riding up, by pulling it down with one strap in the center. 

Mystic Drip Spreader bar down

Multi Hook/ Clickbar 3.0/ 2 Point Fixation:

Great for Windsurfing and Kiting with Mystic's Multi Hook.  The Clickbar 3.0 makes it easy one click release and the 2 point strap anchors spread the load evenly across the harness.

2017 Mystic Drip Multi Hook

Battle Belt Waist Closure: 

Ensures the harness does not move while riding.  

Mystic Drip Battle Belt