Mystic Diva Women's Kiteboarding Harness

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The Mystic Diva harness is designed for the female shape.  Both the back and waist of this harness is molded to fit this female figure. The Diva features Mystic's soft neoprene. This prevents a rash when not wearing a rash guard and allows for great flexibility.  The Diva comes equip with Mystic's Bananabar, making the spreader bar easier and safer than ever before.  The Mystic Diva is for any woman ripper that is looking for something made for the female shape and designed with women in mind.


Specialized Female Shape:

Designed specifically for the female body.  The height of the back and waistline are specialized for the female shape.  

2017 Mystic Diva Female Support

Double Power Leash Ring:

Reinforced attachment points for handle pass leash on both sides of the harness.  

2017 Mystic Diva Double Power Leash

Covered Side Pockets: 

Creates a pocket to protect the webbing from getting unwanted debris stuck to it. 

2017 Mystic Diva Protected Side Parts

Multi Hook/ Bananabar/ 4 Point System

Two 25mm webbings and two Mystic ladder buckles, and two symmetric webbing triangles provide the key amount of tension. 

2017 Mystic Diva Multi Hook

Battle Belt Waist Closure: 

Ensures the harness does not move while riding.  

2017 Mystic Diva Battle Belt