2018 F-One Diablo V.3 Foil Kiteboarding Kite

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The 2018 F-One Diablo V.3 Foil kite is back again for its second year.  This kite did so well in 2016, ending up on top of podiums race after race.  After having such a successful year, F-One decided to change very little with the Diablo. They wanted a kite that was slightly faster and had a bigger wind range per size.  They achieved this by raising the aspect ratio, and the number of cells within the canopy.  The Diablo has also had a complete redesign of the bridle because of the raised aspect ratio.  To decrease the drag and increase air flow, F-One has added small ribs at the trailing edge which helps the responsiveness of this already stellar kite. All of this making the 2018 F-One Diablo faster and better then ever and ready to step back onto the race scene as a fine tuned machine.


  • Raised aspect and number of cells as a way to improve wind range and upwind angle without losing performance. 
  • Mini ribs on trailing edge to to decrease drag and increase airflow
  • Higher aspect bridle system
  • Incredible re-launch ability 
  • Unbelievable race and foiling kite

Wind Range: