NeilPryde Combat Armor Skin Top

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Premium armor-skin top, perfect against wind chill. Can also be used as an additional layer for wetsuits.

// Armor-Skin G2 
Armor-Skin 2nd generation, is our exclusive neoprene that combines the warmth and wind protection of a mesh-wetsuit with the durability of a double-lined suit.
Armorskin was inspired by triathlon wetsuits which have to stay flexible while repelling water to minimize drag. 

// Yamamoto Neo 
Premium Japanese limestone-based neoprene. Yamamoto’s neoprene is more eco-friendly, lighter and has a longer lifespan than traditional petroleum-based neoprene.
Its unique high closed-cell structure provides maximum heat retention, extra warmth and added buoyancy.

// Comfort and flexibility of a rashguard 
// Lightweight and water-repellant 
// Boardshorts attachment loop 
// Flatlock seams