:01 Cabrinha XCaliber Wood Kiteboard

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The :01 Cabrinha XCaliber Wood kiteboard offers next-level freestyle performance.

The XCaliber Wood is designed for intermediate to advanced riders looking for a freestyle model that can perform in varied water conditions.

Nothing beats the feel of a natural wood core when it comes to a high performance dampened ride. The X Caliber Wood shares the same shape as its carbon counterpart but has a completely different ride, especially in less than perfect water conditions. The wood construction absorbs the chop like no other giving you a softer ride and the ability to edge when the going gets tough. Better edging leads to better pop. And in freestyle, pop is everything.

The new Xcal receives a re-design that brings it center stage to the high demands of performance freestyle and big air.  

The new aggressive tip channels make for a more aggressive take-off, whether that manifests as an explosive pop off flat water or a high line tension release from a wave into the sky.

The Xcal wood is the most versatile construction offering, allowing the board to excel in a variety of water conditions.  The wood core helps absorb heavy landings from powered handlepasses and kiteloops allowing you to go higher and harder.


Sizes 133cm x 40cm 135cm x 41cm 138cm x 42cm  141cm x 43cm



A Paulownia wood freestyle design with a dampened ride.



* NEW: All new and refined shape
* NEW: Aggressive quad tip channels for backfoot grip and improved pop
* NEW: Rail channels for maximum edge control
* NEW: double concave in center for smooth and controllable landings
* Tough, lightweight & responsive
* Predictable pop & low spin weight
* early planing lift & reliable edge hold
 * excellent upwind drive
    Included with the board:
    4x 40mm fins, 4x washers, 10x 6x16mm screws, grab handle.