2022 Eleveight XS 12M Kiteboarding Kite

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The 2022 Eleveight XS: EXTREME FREERIDE

Riders may push the limits of large air thanks to the brand-new ExtremeSeries kite's delta hybrid design. Even compulsive adrenaline addicts are astonished by its strong increase.

The XSeries, the newest member of our kite family, was developed to meet the demands of thrill-seekers looking for a kite to push the limits of huge air. The XS has a complex, high aspect ratio delta hybrid design with a significant angle-of-attack. This design is as grunty as they come, producing raw power and catapulting riders into uncharted realms. We incorporated it into our range between the FS and RS. It is more aggressive than the RS and more of a big air kite than the FS. Hardcore riders who primarily want to fly should use this kite. The lengthy hang time makes it ideal for classic hooked-in tricks. Therefore, we took care to guarantee that upwind travel was simple.It is ideal for traditional hooked-in techniques because of the prolonged hang time. Therefore, we took care to make sure that riders could easily move upwind so that they could concentrate on flying back downwind. It is simple to time takeoffs because of how responsive and straightforward it is to steer. Commit drawing your backhand, sheet in, pop, and the crowd is stunned as you are launched into the air. It gains a stunning forward momentum in megaloops that will make you delighted for days. Arthur Guillebert uses it as his go-to weapon when chasing storms. If you want to surpass your previous big air record, add this kite to your quiver.

We created a super-durable five-strut structure that provides stability in all conditions to handle the high forces of radical big airs. We worked very hard to achieve the ideal canopy curvature and wingtip sweep in terms of aerodynamics. The XS has a large sweet spot and excellent low-end performance thanks to the design, which is helpful for developing riders and in less-than-ideal situations. We have thoroughly tested it across all fields. Our team riders were astounded by the kite's adaptability despite the fact that it is neither a pure wave kite nor a freestyle wing. The XS has become the new best friend of radical freeriders.


  • Five-strut delta hybrid design for adrenalin addicts and boosting freaks
  • Extreme big air kite with an explosive lift and long hang time
  • Massive grunt in all wind conditions for freeride versatility
  • Ultra-sturdy construction for maximum stability and longevity
  • Rapid yet controllable flight characteristics


Size Wind Range (Knots)  Wind Range (MPH)
6m 24 - 38 27 - 44
7m 22 - 34 25 - 39
8m 18 - 32 21 - 37
9m 16 - 30 18 - 35
10m 12 - 28 14 - 32
12m 10 - 24 12 - 27
14m 8 - 20 9 - 23
16m 6 - 18 7 - 21

Wind Range: