2020 Cabrinha Drifter Kiteboarding Kite

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Specifically designed for kitesurfing in waves and strapless surf freestyle, the Drifter has the ability to engage and disengage its power on command.

While catching a wave you want all the power you need but while surfing, you often want the kite to completely disappear while you surf on your own power. Its in this moment of pure surfing where you want a kite that ‘drifts’ down the line with you in a stable and predictable way. We dubbed this phenomenon Drift Stability and it is the crucial ingredient in a performance surf kite. This is why the Drifter has no equal.



3-strut, Moderate aspect ratio hybrid design, Surf/drift wing tip design, 2 bridle setting options




    • NEW Nano Ripstop canopy, the new bench mark in durability, stability & responsiveness. Double strength, same weight. 
    • NEW Optimized Dacron layout for reduced weight & improved handling characteristics 
    • High Tenacity Dacron for enhanced arc stability
    • Pure Profile Panels for efficient aerodynamics
    • Strategic canopy reinforcements in the high stress areas 
    • Slackline Drift for down-the-line surfing 
    • Light bar pressure with direct and responsive steering 

Wind Range:

0 4m 32-42mph 4m 32-42mph 1 5m 30-40mph 5m 30-40mph 2 6m 28-38mph 6m 28-38mph 3 7m 26-36mph 7m 26-36mph 4 8m 24-34mph 8m 24-34mph 5 9m 22-30mph 9m 22-30mph 6 10m 18-26mph 10m 18-26mph 7 11m 15-24mph 11m 15-24mph 8 12m 12-22mph 12m 12-22mph 9 13m 10-20mph 13m 10-20mph