2019 Cabrinha Switchblade/Ace Kiteboarding Package

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Package Includes: 

2019 Cabrinha Switchblade 9m or 12m
2019 Cabrinha  Ace wood with H1 Bindings
2019 Cabrinha Trimlite Control Bar


The Low Down: 

This 2019 Cabrinha Switchbalde package is the ultimate package set-up for any rider. Allowing you do it all with one kite. 

The Kite:

The Switchblade alone is the number one most versatile kite out there.  Appealing to both beginners and pros alike.  On the beginner skill, the Switchblade has a massive depower and is extremely stable which makes it easy to learn on and is what we use to teach on here in Hatteras.  But if you are a more experienced rider this kite speaks for itself.  This kite has a huge wind range and is versatile enough to keep you happy whether you ride flat water, waves, or foil.  

The Board:

We then paired this amazing kite with a board that will progress with you as well.  The 2019 Ace was designed with riders in mind.  Cabrinha took the already great freestyle board and made it better by squaring the tips and adding more channeling. The Ace will give the ultimate flex and pop to boost and be soft on the landings due to added channeling.  It has a flat rocker line that gives you the speed to load up for these huge tricks. The Ace is lightweight and easy to throw around; making it great for boosting and freestyle riding.  

The Bar:

The 2019 Cabrinha 1x Quickloop Control Bar is the lightest simplest bar in Cabrinha's lineup. Available in sizes 44cm, 52cm, and 60cm there is a 1x control bar for any size kite you fly. With the The Trimlite depowering system will get you powered up or down in a flash with its easy cleat style trim line. For 2019 Cabrinha also upgraded the grip on all it's new bars adding a ergonomically shaped ridge just under your fingers for maximum grip and comfort while you ride.