2018 RRD Emotion MK3 Kiteboarding Kite

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Single Strut/LIGHT WIND

The 2018 RRD Emotion is a single strut lightwind machine. Great for getting out on the water on those light wind days. The Emotion's single strut design is extremely lightweight which increases its low end power. It also packs down very small, the 17m comes with a bag about the size of a standard backpack. We were blown away with the performance of the RRD Emotion and became believers the after the first session that we had.

Flying the Emotion is amazing, it's fast turning, powerful, huge amounts of boost, and has great depowerability which makes it a great choice for lightwind and foiling.

  • Redesigned body profile progressively flatter towards the tip to increase upwind performance and fly into the wind window
  • Internal extra reinforcements on every leading edge panel, to secure long lasting stitching & rigid connection
  • Quick Air Flow Valve for easier pumping and deflating, with special moulded protection cap
  • New single strut design specifically designed for light wind performance with great hang time and boosting power

Wind Range: