2018 F-One Bandit Kiteboarding Kite

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The 2018 Bandit is the perfect kiteboarding kite for all riders!

11 Years of perpetual improvement and dedicated development!

The 2018 F-One Bandit is an AMAZING kite! If you love the previous models you're going to absolutely love this kite. The 2018 model is going to excel in all disciplines of kiteboarding but it really shines in wave riding and big air. This Delta C Shape has excellent top-end control, smooth power delivery, fast turning, upwind drive, and AMAZING HANG TIME!


  • Top performance in all areas of kiteboarding.
  • Crazy wind range.
  • Auto Relaunch
  • New Reactor Valves
  • New color coding for reinforcements
  • Insanely durable 
  • Delta C shape patent

Wind Range: