2017 Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift Bar

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The 2017 Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift is the ideal trim adjustment for your kite.  Fine tune your trim using their one reach control knob.  At the center of OR's newly designed control bar is the bar itself.  It features their U shape design that is lightweight and allows the rider to easily flush the knob, and bar itself, from sand or debris.  The Stick Shift bar is the ideal bar for any rider because it ensures a "hands on control" when depowering the kite with an easy bump or nudge.  Their new adjustable sliding stopperl needs no special instructions or screws.  It will easily adjust while on the water even while riding. The Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift control bar has redesigned the way we think of trim.  It means clutter free lines and safer bar for all riders.   

Stick Shift stopper ball

2017 OR Stick Shift bar

Stick Shift Knob